• ■For transportation and sightseeing, make your trip around Mt. Fuji more economical by using Mt. Fuji Pass
    With "Mt. Fuji Pass", you can get on and off for the local bus which operating in Yamanashi and Shizuoka Area, also the train, Fujikyu Railway. Besides, you can use the popular sightseeing spots like the excursion ship "En Soleil" and Fuji-Q Highland, etc.
  • ■From Single Day Pass to 3-Day Pass, you can combine it with your travel schedule flexible
    To meet the variety of needs such as Day trip or the longer stay, the visitor can choose from Single Day Pass to 3-Day Pass base on their needs.
  • ■Privilege Discount of 12 Facilities Around Mt. Fuji also available with this pass
    With Mt. Fuji Pass, you will receive the discount and another welcome gift from 12 facilities which around Mt. Fuji Area.


1day Ticket


2day Ticket


3day Ticket

  • ※Adult (Jr.High Sch. Or older)
  • ※Child (Elementary Sch)


People who may make use of this ticket
This is a ticket for visitors for sightseeing from foreign continents.
Only visitors who had been approved “Short-Term Stay” of status of residence by Japan immigration for sightseeing.
Purchase a ticket at ticket box by Fujikyuko in Japan.
You have your passport with you and fill your name out the mount of the ticket after purchasing.
  • ・Ticket is only valid when it has been mounted.
  • ・You are required to show your ticket when boarding on train and bus, and entering amusement parks and so on.
  • ・According to amusement park, you need to receive an attraction-ride ticket, so that please follow crews.
  • ・Please be careful with business hour and date of close.
    Good to come and buy early to purchase in case of crowdedness.
  • ・Ticket has three kinds of period.
    2days and 3days tickets must be used in through.
  • ・ Reissue not admitted.
  • ・Change of date not admitted.
  • ・Refund not admitted because of stop of operation close of amusement park and delay.

Exclusive Privileges

You can get exclusive privileges at 12 facilities on the next page. Please show your Mt.Fuji Pass there.

Leisure facilities

Restaurants and shops

  • Mt.Fuji 5th station Fujikyu Unjyokaku
  • Highland Resort Hotel&Spa
  • Gateway Fujiyama Kawaguchiko sta.
  • Gateway Fujiyama Mt.Fuji sta.
  • Morino-eki-Asahigaoka
  • Morino-eki-Fujisan
  • Michi-no-eki-Subashiri
  • Highland Bus Terminal Shop
  • La ville de Gaspard et Lisa (Gaspard and Lisa Town)
  • Fujikyu Railway Shimoyoshida sta. Shimoyoshida Club

Hot spring

  • Fujiyama Onsen

Sales Locations

Sales Locations

  • Otsuki Sta(Fujikyu Railway).
  • Kawaguchiko Sta & bus sales window.
  • Mt.Fuji Sta.(Fujikyu Railway).
  • Yamanakako-Asahigaoka Bus Terminal.
  • Gotemba Sta Fujikyu bus sales window.
  • Shinfuji Sta Fujikyu bus sales window.
  • Mishima Sta Fujikyu bus sales window.
  • Fujinomiya Sta.Fujikyu Bus sales window.


  • 1. The use of this restricted to the signer. It is valid only when the ticket is set on it.
  • 2. When using the train, the bus or the tourist facility ,be sure to present the Pass to the crew or the staff. Please present it in a way they can confilm the valid period of the Pass.
  • 3. While using the Pass, carry your passport with you and please present it to the staff upon their requests.
  • 4. With the Pass, you can ride the trains and the buses on the following routes, and you can use the following tourist facilities:
Fujikyu Railway between Kawaguchiko Sta. and Otsuki Sta.
Routes covered by Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Bus “Red-Line”,Saiko Sightseeing Bus”Green-Line”, Narusawa/Shojiko/Motosuko Sightseeing
Bus”Blue-Line”, and Fujikko-go. Following routes:
Kofu Sta.-Isawaonsen Sta.-Kawaguchiko Sta.-Mt.Fuji Sta.
Mishima-Gotemba Sta.
Gotemba Premium Outlets-Gotemba Sta.-Lake Yamanakako-Kawaguchiko Sta
Shinfuji Sta.-Motosuko-Lake Shojiko-Kawaguchiko Sta.-Mt.Fuji Sta
Gotemba IC-Gotemba Sta.-Grinpa-Yeti
Mt.Fuji Sta-Fuji Subaruline Mt.Fuji 5th Sta
Shinfuji Sta.-Fujinomiya Sta.-Fujinomiya 5th Sta.
Mishima Sta-Fujinomiya 5th Sta.
Gotemba Premium Outlets/Gotemba Sta-Gotemba Trail Mt.Fuji New 5th Sta-Mizugatsuka Park.
Gotemba Premium outlets/Gotemba Sta-Subashiri 5th Sta.
  • ・Kawaguchiko Yuransen “En soleil”,
  • ・Yamanakako Excursion Ship”Swan Lake”
  • ・Lake Motosu Sightseeing Boat”Moguran”
  • ・Kawaguchiko Tenjoyama Park”Kachikachi-yama Ropeway”
Tourist facilities

Fuji-Q Highland, Amusement Park Grinpa, Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave, Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave and Fujiyama Museum.

  • 5. Vail for local trains and non-reserved seats of rapid trains.
    To ride Fujisan View Express, Fujisan Express or other express trains or Fuji Tozan Densha, you have to additionally purchase the express ticket or the seating ticket.
  • 6. At Fuji-Q Highland, the Pass works as the asmission ticket. It can also be used for one time to ride attraction.
  • 7. At amusement Park Grinpa, the Pass works only as the admission ticket. Please pay additional fee to ride the attractions.
  • 8. You can use this Pass only within the valid period.
  • 9. We will not reissue the Pass when it is lost, including a case when it is stolen.
  • 10. We will not refund the Pass or extend its valid period for any reason including the operation being cancelled, the parks being closed, or delays.
    Also we will not bear additional expenses such as transportation fee and accommodation fee caused by change of course.
    (*The above information are as of June, 2017, and may be subject to change.)
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