Akihabara Sta.<=>FujiQ-Highland・Kawaguchiko Sta.Line

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Bound for Kawaguchiko Sta.


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Embarking /
Bus stop Fujikyu
Embarking Akihabara Sta. 7:20 10:30
Disembarking FujiQ-Highland 9:10 12:30
Disembarking Kawaguchiko Sta. 9:18 12:40

Bound for Akihabara Sta.


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Embarking /
Bus stop Fujikyu Keisei
Embarking Kawaguchiko Sta. 16:30 18:15
Embarking Fuji-Q Highland 16:40 18:23
Disembarking Akihabara Sta. 19:00 20:30


Normal Fare

Adult Children
Akihabara Sta. 2,000yen 1,000yen

※Children rates are applicable to elementary school students and younger children.

Special Notes/Warnings

<Notes when riding buses>

  • The reservation / purchase starts one month before the departure date by phone, internet, Kawaguchiko station, Fujikyu highland bus station.
  • All seats are designated. Please get the bus ticket before you take the bus.
  • You can neither change nor cancel the reservation by phone after you buy the bus ticket. Please bring the ticket to the bus counter (within operating time) before 1 day before your departure date.
  • There is an additional fee for refund if you purchased the ticket at a convenience store.
    This means you will not get the full amount back.
    For further information, please contact the phone number written on the ticket before the departure time.
  • If you forget or lost your ticket, you need to repurchase in some cases.
  • Please notice that the bus may be delayed depending on the traffic condition.
  • The operation company : Keisei bus Ltd. Fujikyukou kanko Ltd.

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Fujikyu-Bus Call Center
TEL: 81-570-022956 (Operation hours 7:30 to 20:00)
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