Mt. Fuji Sta. <=> Haneda Airport Line

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Bound for Mt. Fuji Sta.


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Embarking /
Operation days Daily Daily Daily Daily
Embarking Haneda Airport International Terminal 6:55 10:05 12:25 14:40
Embarking Haneda Airport Terminal 2 || 10:15 12:35 14:50
Embarking Haneda Airport Terminal 1 || 10:20 12:40 14:55
Embarking Shinagawa Sta. (Konanguchi) 7:35 10:50 13:10 15:25
Disembarking Fuji-Q Highland 9:25 12:40 15:00 17:15
Disembarking Fuji Hokuroku Parking 9:30 12:45 15:05 17:20
Disembarking Kawaguchiko Sta. 9:35 12:50 15:10 17:25
Disembarking Mt. Fuji Sta. 9:42 12:57 15:17 17:32

Bound for Haneda Airport Line


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Embarking /
Operation days Daily Daily Daily Daily
Embarking Mt. Fuji Sta. 5:00 9:53 14:23 17:38
Embarking Kawaguchiko Sta. 5:07 10:00 14:30 17:45
Embarking Fuji Hokuroku Parking 5:12 10:05 14:35 17:50
Embarking Fuji-Q Highland 5:17 10:10 14:40 17:55
Disembarking Shinagawa Sta. (Konanguchi) 7:05 11:58 16:28 19:43
Disembarking Haneda Airport Terminal 2 7:37 12:30 17:00 ||
Disembarking Haneda Airport Terminal 1 7:42 12:35 17:05 ||
Disembarking Haneda Airport International Terminal 7:49 12:42 17:12 20:17

Special Notes

  • ※Seasonal operation only to Mt. Fuji Gogome (Operations times differ each year)
  • ※Up-lines all depart from Mt. Fuji Sta.


Normal Fare

  Haneda Airport Shinagawa Sta.
Fuji-Q Highland
Fuji Hokuroku Parking
Kawaguchiko Sta.
Mt. Fuji Sta.
2,470yen 2,000yen

Special Notes/Warnings

<Notes regarding issuing tickets>

  • Please purchase tickets reserved through the Fujikyu call center or Hassha All-right-net at the ticket counters of Mt. Fuji Sta. , Kawaguchiko Sta., Fujikyu Highland or your local convenience store (Lawson, Circle K, Sunkus, Familymart) by 17:00 on the day before departure.
  • Customers purchasing tickets at the Keihin Express Sales Counter must first make reservations at Keikyu Express Bus Reservation Services and purchase tickets by 17:00 on the day before departure.
  • If tickets are not purchased by 17:00 on the day before departure, reservation will be canceled.

<Notes when riding buses>

  • Reservations only. (However, tickets may be purchased without reservation if there are vacant seats).
  • Reservations are accepted from exactly one month prior to departure (for months with differing days, it may be available from the first day of the following month).
  • For changes or cancellations to prior reservations, please contact the reservation center by 17:00 on the day before departure.
  • No refunds will be made in the event of delays due to road conditions or other unavoidable reasons.
  • The bus company will not bear any responsibility for any losses occurring from delays.
  • Passengers are responsible for keeping luggage inside bus. Large pieces of luggage, such as suitcases, etc. may be stored in the trunk of the bus, but in principle this is limited to one piece of luggage per passenger.
    The bus company will not bear any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to luggage.
  • For refunds for tickets purchased at sales counters, please inquire at the location which the ticket was purchased, before the departure date. Service charges will apply in these cases, defined separately.
  • Tickets purchased at convenience stores cannot be refunded at sales counters. Please inquire with Wellnet, the printer, before departure time.
    No refunds will be given for declarations made after departure time.
    Tickets must be mailed to Wellnet to be refunded. (Fees will be wired into designated bank account.
    A service charge of JPY 200 per person and one-time wire fee of JPY 540 will be charged.)
  • Make sure to check the phone number when calling for reservations.

Contact us

Fujikyu Call Center
TEL: 81-555-73-8181 (Operation hours 7:30 to 20:00)
Keihin Express Sales Counter
TEL: 81-3-3743-0022 (Operation hours 9:00 to 18:30)