Kawaguchiko Sta. <=> Narita Airport

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Bound for Kawaguchiko Sta.


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Embarking /
Fujikyu Keisei
Embarking Narita Airport Terminal 3 10:30 12:30
Embarking Narita Airport Terminal 2 10:35 12:35
Embarking Narita Airport Terminal 1 10:40 12:40
Disembarking Fuji-Q Highland 13:50 15:50
Disembarking Mt. Fuji Sta. 14:00 16:00
Disembarking Kawaguchiko Sta. 14:10 16:10

Bound for Narita Airport Line


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Embarking /
Embarking Kawaguchiko Sta. 13:15
Embarking Mt. Fuji Sta. 13:25
Embarking Fuji-Q Highland 13:35
Disembarking Narita Airport Terminal 2 16:32
Disembarking Narita Airport Terminal 1 16:35
Disembarking Narita Airport Terminal 3 16:40

Special Notes

  • ※There is a break time on the way


Normal Fare

One way One Way
(Just before Reservation discount)
One Way
(Early stage Reservation discount)
Narita Airport Adult 4,800 4,500 4,000
Children 2,400 2,250 2,000

Your booking will be canceled when transaction has not done correctly.
On the day ticket will be purchaed on the bus at Kwaguchiko Sta. , Mt. Fuji Sta. , and Fujikyu Highland.
On the day ticket will be purchaed at Narita Airport Keisei Bus ticket box at Narita Airport

Special Notes/Warnings

  • Bus seat booking may be admitted in one month advance by internet or phone call.
  • Ticket needs to be purchased before boarding.
  • You will be required to purchase ticket again in case of lost.
  • Time schedule may be varied due to traffic condition.
  • This bus accepts only cash-payment with limited seats.
    Suika, Pasmo, or other electronic money are not accepted.
  • This bus ticket are not purchased at ticket boxes around area of Mt. Fuji Five Lakes.
  • Operation by Keisei-Bus and Fujikyu-Bus

Contact us

Fujikyu-Bus Call Center
TEL: 81-570-022956 (Office Hour 7:30~20:00)
Keisei Bus Reservation Center
TEL: 81-47-432-1891
(Office Hour Mon-Sat 9:00~19:00, Sun and Holidays 9:00 ~18:00)
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