Fuji Five Lakes Sightseeing Bus Tour Introduction of 2 types of the course

Fuji Five Lakes Sightseeing Bus
Ticket holder’s Special Benefits

If you show the ticket of the bus tour, you can get various discounts and perks at many places!

How to receive special benefits:

  • Please show your sightseeing bus ticket either at the ticket counter or at the reception area of each facility at the time of ticket purchase.
  • The term of validity will be 8 days including the day that you ride the sightseeing bus.
  • Each facility accept the special benefit only once during the term of validity.
  • Anyone other than yourself will not be able to receive special benefits.

Things not forget

  • All facilities used prior to receiving the sightseeing bus ticket, are ineligible for receiving the special benefits.
  • The special benefits process may take time depending on the number of customers visiting us that day. Please allow yourself enough time for the procedure.
  • An expired sightseeing bus ticket will not be accepted.
  • Keep in mind that you will not be able to receive special benefits in case of the loss of the sightseeing bus ticket.
  • Some facilities may close without advance notice. Please make confirm opening hours at each facilities.
  • Please keep in mind that the special benefits policies and the range of facilities in that website may be changed without an advance notice.

Fuji-Q Highland Area

Fujiyama Museum

  • Museum
10:00-20:30 / Varies based on season
(Last entrance 20:00)
Tel: 0555-22-8223
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Fujiyama Onsen

  • [16] Spa
10:00-23:00 / Varies based on season
(Last entrance 22:00)
Tel: 0555-22-1126
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Fujiyama Sky Balcony
(Observation Deck at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa)

  • [17] Observation Deck
9:00-15:00 / Varies on season
Tel: 0555-22-1000
For more information

Fuji-Q Highland Bus Terminal Shop

  • [18] Shop
Tel: 0555-28-7555

Lake Kawaguchiko & Lake Saiko area

Lake Kawaguchiko Excursion Ship "Ensoleille"

  • [3] Excursion Ship
9:00-16:30 / Varies based on season
Tel: 0555-72-0029
For more information

Lake Yamanakako area


  • [6] Shop
10:00-17:00 (LO16:30)
Tel: 0555-62-4177

Fujiyama Kitchen

  • [8] Restaurant
Weekdays 8:00-20:00
Holidays 7:30-20:00
Closed on Tuesday
Varies based on season
Tel: 0555-62-4155
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Lake Yamanakako Excursion Ship "Swan Lake"

  • [9] Excursion ship

※Passage fare is included for the PM course of this sightseeing bus tour.

9:30-16:30 / Varies based on season
Tel: 0555-62-0130
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Fuji Five Lakes Sightseeing Bus Tour “Highlights Fujisan-Go”

Opetration: April 22th - November 19th 
※Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays

Inquiry about Kimono rental package via E-mail: yamanashi-bus@fujikyu.co.jp



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AM PM course



※Only in Japanese