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Loop Bus

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Loop Bus (Side)

How about learning more about history and culture of Mt. Fuji?

It is the tour bus that offers you to travel the constructed sites around the world heritage “Mount Fuji”, (such as “Oshi Jutaku- Lodging Houses, Kitaguchihongu Fujisengen shrine, Oshino Hakkai, Kawaguchi Asama Shrine)

A video introducing Mt. Fuji and the constructed sites around Mt. Fuji is played in the bus.
There are 6 services per day (In winter there are 5 services per day)The approximate time to travel is 70 minutes.
Free coupons to get in or out of the bus are available for 2 days.

Mt. Fuji, World Cultural Heritage Site Loop Bus - Timetable

※Note...Unlimited ride is unavailable from December 1 to March 31.

Bus stop
Kawaguchiko Sta. 9:30 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 17:00
遊覧船・ロープウェイ入口9:34 11:04 12:34 14:04 15:34 17:04
Kawaguchi Asama Shrine9:40 11:10 12:40 14:10 15:40 17:10
Oshino Hakkai 10:03 11:33 13:03 14:33 16:03 17:33
浅間神社前10:13 11:43 13:13 14:43 16:13 17:43
旧外川家10:16 11:46 13:16 14:46 16:16 17:46
Mt. Fuji Sta.10:19 11:49 13:19 14:49 16:19 17:49
Kawaguchiko Sta.10:27 11:57 13:27 14:57 16:27 17:57


The best free coupons

Mount Fuji World Heritage Loop Bus offering unlimited ride

Adult(Jr. High Sch. or older)1,030yen/Child(Elementary Sch.)310yen

ABOUT Sight Seeing Bus


  • Adult : Junior high school students or above
  • Child : Up to Elementary school students
  • ∗Two, five and ten thousand‐yen bills are not accepted.
  • ∗IC cards (PASMO and Suica) are not accepted.


  • ∗No refunds after using ticket.
  • ∗All seats are priority seats (for elederly, handicapped and pregnant).
  • ∗The buses may be late due to traffic conditions.
  • ∗Sight Seeing Bus route may be changed due to festivals and events.
  • ∗Please refrain from talking on cell phones during your ride.
  • ∗Please secure pets in a cage when you get on the bus.

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